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Climate / Air / Energy
S1. Climate change mitigation & adaptation/ Climate technology
- Climate change impacts on water, environment, and economy
- Sustainable development by climate change mitigation & adaptation
- Mitigation & adaptation technology / Strategy for agriculture, ecosystems, and food security
- Measurement and modeling of environmental impact -Carbon dioxide capture and sequestration

S2. Air pollution / Aerosol / Odor controls
- Air quality control
- Air pollution measurement, monitoring, and modelling
- Aerosol & measurement techniques
- Aerosol and odor matters for health

S3. Renewable and sustainable energy
- Solar, wind, and bio energy
- Novel and energy efficient Technology
- Energy storage technologies for sustainability
- Energy management & governance

Water Quality / Water Industry
S4. Transition to sustainable cities of the future
- Water sensitive urban infrastructures
- Advances in the supply chain, environmental and industrial technology
- Water industry
- Ecological engineering for sustainability

S5. Drinking water
- Micropollutants control
- Disinfection
- Membrane process
- Processes optimization technologies

S6. Wastewater technology
- Appropriate technology for wastewater in suburban and rural region
- Innovative (& nano-) technology for wastewater
- Emerging chemicals and its removal

S7. Distribution system/monitoring and automatic control
- Urban water infrastructure rehabilitation
- Instrumentation, control and automation
- Data and information technology
- Modelling and system analysis

S8. Alternative water resources
- Seawater desalination
- Water reuse technologies for direct and indirect portable use
- Rainwater harvesting

S9. Nutrient / Energy / Resource recovery
- Nutrient recovery from wastewater
- Cabon recovery from water
- Deammonification for sidestream and mainstream

Waste and Resource Recovery
S10. Wastes treatment and management
- Waste treatment strategies and case-studies
- Waste to energy
- New technologies for waste treatment and management
- Municipal waste recycling

S11. Soil and groundwater remediation
- Fate and transport of emerging contaminants in soil and groundwater
- Monitoring and management of soil and groundwater quality
- Remediation strategies and case-studies
- Combined processes and risk management

S12. Resource recovery from waste
- Resource recovery technologies and case-studies
- Phosphorous, nitrogen, plastic, mineral, and energy recovery
- Urine source separation and reuse

S13. Biochar production and application
- Biochar production, characterization and applications
- Biochar pre- and post-processing
- Handling, storage, and commercialization
- Co-products (bio-oil and gas)

Multidisciplinary / Information Technology / Big Data Processing
S14. Environmental informatics and big data
- Environmental modelling and simulation
- Environmental databases and artificial intelligence
- Environmental communication, open access to data
- Big data analysis

S15. Risk Assessment and environmental analysis
- Human and ecological risk assessment
- Environmental prediction and risk analysis/assessment strategies
- Life cycle analysis

S16. Environmental policy and management
- Policy, regulations, economics and planning
- Beyond COP 21


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